Diana Mariut

Diana Mariut

I joined the IntegralEdu team in 2012 to build the foundation and develop the Work and Travel USA department, helping hundreds of students to have a great summer vacation experience in the States. Once this mission was completed and I had just returned from maternity leave, I accepted the challenge to join the camps department abroad, because I will resonate with the parents who want to send their children to a camp.

I was pleased to discover the openness of parents to give children the chance to discover an international educational environment, to interact with children from all over the world, to perfect their foreign language with native speakers.

Whether it is a recreational camp, with sports or artistic activities or even preparation for studies, a camp abroad can be the first step towards new horizons, visions or even a new academic future.

We invite you to discover together the right camp for your child!

Diana is an educational consultant within IntegralEdu office from Bucharest. You can email her at dtoth@integraledu.ro.