Anca Radu, Jonkoping University - International Communication

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Anca Radu, Jonkoping University - International Communication

Hi, Catalina!

I want to thank you for all the support and the IntegralEdu team, because without you I probably would not have been here.
Sweden is wonderful! The country is beautiful, are very many beautiful places to visit, and sometimes I'm sorry I do not have enough time to visit them.
The educational system is a little different from that of Romania, teachers here are rather friends, or our colleagues, they do not behave as such as our superiors. We learn everything that is theoretical, but they focus heavily on student involvement, and most seminars are seminars where we discuss and where we need to be active. It's like a conversation between students and teachers, from which we assimilate much more information because we are directly involved in the discussion. Besides these things, I would say that the volume of work that you need to submit is higher than in Romania, but it is a master, I expected to work longer than during my Bachelor.
I guess I do not have to mention that the resources the university provides are very diverse. The library is very well equipped, we always found there everything we need, we have access to study rooms and computers 24/7. Also, the buildings are very well equipped with technical equipment, everything is new. The building of the Faculty of Communication, where I study, is the newest and most beautiful of the 5 buildings of the University. We are all proud of it. I will attach some pictures.
About people can say they are all very open, friendly and willing to help, contrary to the ideas that people have about Swedes. The University of Jonkoping is very international, in my opinion Swedish students are in the minority here. Also, everyone speaks English here perfectly which at first was a plus, but now I think that it starts to become a minus, because they do not use and do not need Swedish in everyday life, so it is hard to put it into practice. The language is not very easy from my point of view, it is really hard, because it is nothing like any other language I know. At first, their accent seemed very strange, but I got used and now it sounds really nice.
Although it is small, the city is bigger than expected and is superb. Since it is quite small, most people you meet on the street are students, but that makes it even more beautiful and energetic. Here everyone knows everyone else, it's hard to walk down the street and not meet at least 5 people you know.
The University and the Students' Union is very involved in extra-curricular activities and there is always something fun to do in town. For example, last week we played hide-and-seek in the city center with 200 students of the university.
The only "drawback" is the weather. From November 1st it started to snow, and it looked like Christmas was coming. Although I have to say that I expected it to be much colder, the difference is not that big, even in September we had days when we went to the beach on Lake Vattern.
Those are my impressions about Sweden so far.
If there's anything I can help you with from here, let me know.

Here are the pictures, keep in touch!
Have a nice day!



Nov 7, 2016 admin 2007 views